Why Care for Your Skin

Stacey Boscoe Zinnanti, Licensed Clinical Aesthetician at BodyLab Med Spa
Images comparing skin issues

Did you know your skin is the largest organ in your body? That’s right, it’s the largest organ you have and it’s the most exposed to environmental elements.

Skin needs care to stay healthy, yet many would admit they do not consistently care for it and some would say they don’t know how to care for it. Both the skin on the face and body need attention and will begin to communicate in various ways if they aren’t getting what they need. Our skin starts to age and change when we are in our 20’s.

Outside the natural aging progression, there are many other factors that affect the health of the skin such as under-active oil glands producing dry skin and dehydrated skin due to harsh products and water loss. Some of us have sensitive skin, rosacea, and hyperpigmentation while others have oily skin and acne breakouts. Also impacting the health of our skin are sun damage, environmental changes, pollution, poor diet, hormones, and stress.

The images on the right are a few examples of skin conditions treatable with healthy skincare habits.

For more information on how to care for your skin please contact us at BodLab Med Spa for a complimentary skin consultation with our licensed clinical aesthetician who will evaluate your skin and recommend the best course of treatment.