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Neurotris Dynamic MicroCurrent

Neurotris MicroCurrent works by igniting muscle memory to retrain muscles of the face & Body.
This treatment will smooth fine lines, diminish wrinkles and promote radiance in an intense "bootcamp" to produce effects of a natural face-lift.
Neurotris MicroCurrent for body toning uses specific frequency signatures to improve circulation and lymphatic drainage.

Reduce the appearance of stretch marks, cellulite scarring and dimpling. Experience improvement in sagging and loose skin on arms, stomach, back, legs and buttocks.
A series of treatments is recommended to improve and maintain your smooth lifted results.

Neurotris_Bodylab Med Spa_Ab treatment.png


First Introductory Treatment  90 min —  An Introductory full face treatment.
$ 179

One Treatment  90 min — 1 Full face treatment. 
$ 265

Series of 5 treatments 90 min — 5 Full face treatments once per week.
$ 1100 ($220 per treatment)
Series of 10 treatments 90 min — 10 Full face treatments spaced twice per week for 5 weeks.
$2000 ($200 per treatment)

First Introductory Treatment 90 min An introductory body treatment in one focused area.
One Treatment  90 min One body treatment in one focused area. 

Series of 5 treatments
 90 min — 5 Body treatments in one focused area once per week.
$1500 ($300 per treatment)

Series of 10 treatments
 90 min — 10 Body treatments in one focused area twice per week for 5 weeks.
$2800 ($280 per treatment) 

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