Here’s the Skinny on Neurotris Microcurrent

Stacey Boscoe Zinnanti, Licensed Clinical Aesthetician at BodyLab Med Spa

What is Neurotris Microcurrent?

Neurotris Microcurrent is a proven science that uses a low level of electricity that often mimics our body’s natural bioelectrical currents. Neurotris Microcurrent specifically uses Dynamic Microcurrent with Multi-Signal Channeling. It has 4 independent channels covering more surface area allowing for maximum results in lifting, tightening & firming of the face and body.

Neurotris Microcurrent on Face and Stomach

How does Neurotris work?

Neurotris Microcurrent delivers very low levels of current to the skin in specific wave forms. These wave forms elicit specific biological effects. It can be used on the face or body to tighten and lift the skin. The treatment has been called a “non-surgical face-lift”. The procedure diminishes fine lines, creases and wrinkles. It also revitalizes and hydrates the skin, resulting in a smoother, softer appearance. Through increased circulation and lymphatic drainage, Neurotris Microcurrent rejuvenates and tightens skin, reduces under eye dark circles and puffiness, and can even help with acne and rosacea.
Animated image of Neurotris Microcurrent under skin layers

How to prepare for a Neurotris treatment?

Drink plenty of water, and do not wear cosmetics or lotions to your treatment.

What happens during a Neurotris treatment?

During treatment, you will recline comfortably in a treatment chair. Your technician will determine which signature frequencies to deliver to the targeted tissues. The microcurrent is delivered with probes, pads, or special gloves. A gel is applied to the skin to enhance conduction. Overall, the treatment is relaxing. You can even sleep.

Do Neurotris treatments hurt?

The Neurotris Microcurrent procedure is not uncomfortable. In fact, it is relaxing. There is no pain, swelling or downtime.

How long is a Neurotris treatment?

Neurotris Microcurrent treatments are on average 60 to 90-minute sessions.

Who can benefit from a Neurotris treatment?

Neurotris Microcurrent treatments are great for women and men who are looking to fight signs of aging or maintain their youthful appearance. Dynamic microcurrent will soften and relax bound fascia while stimulating it to tighten and lift the skin back into place. It is also beneficial for treating the fascia that contributes to the appearance of cellulite, lax skin and crepe like skin texture as we age.

When can you see results from a Neurotris treatment?

Results are apparent immediately.

Graphic image of muscles under skin next to a before and after of woman's face

How long do Neurotris results last?

Neurotris Microcurrent energizes the skin cells and brings blood and nutrients to the skin. The fact that Adenosine triphosphate, ATP, (the powerhouse of your cell) can be increased and stored by the application of regular dynamic microcurrent treatments is what will give long term sustainable results. It is a gym for your skin and depending on where you are in the aging process will determine the number of treatments needed to jump start your results.
Age progression of woman's face

How many Neurotris treatments are needed?

A series of Neurotris Microcurrent treatments can leave your skin visibly smoother, firmer and even toned. At BodyLab, we start our clients on a series of 10 treatments. They will receive treatments twice a week for the first 10 treatments. We document at the first, fifth and last treatment to see the progress we have made. From there, we may need to incorporate another series, but will start reducing the number of treatments based on results, giving you the choice to say how long you can go between maintenance treatments. Remember this is the skin gym—on-going treatments will deliver ongoing results.
Before and After of woman's legs

How much does Neurotris cost?

It is strongly advised that you purchase a package. One treatment will not give you the results you need. Package pricing varies between $1500 – $2,800 depending on the number of sessions and if it is for the face or a specific body area.

How do I get more Neurotris information?

Contact us at BodyLab Med Spa to schedule a complimentary skin consultation with our licensed clinical aesthetician who will evaluate your skin and recommend the best course of treatment.